KBKG Tax Insight: Online Cost Segregation Savings Calculator Provides Instant Estimated Tax Projection for any Building

KBKG’s complimentary online cost segregation tax savings calculator provides instant, estimated tax projections and is easy to use. Just enter the building details and instantly receive a summary detailing the additional depreciation deductions each year generated by a cost segregation study.

“KBKG’s free Cost Segregation Calculator is quick and easy
when I need a high-level tax savings projection.”
— Evelyn Fernandez, CPA

Cost Segregation Savings Calculator
 • Estimated allocation to 5, 7, 15, and Real Property
 • Tax deductions and additional cash flow by year
 • Net present value over 10 years and over the life of the property

Action Steps: Do you qualify for cost segregation? Have you purchased, constructed, or spent significant dollars in tenant improvement/remodel during the last 15 years?
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