Property Tax Review


Property Tax Review

Property tax revenue is a significant source of state and local revenue Taxpayers are faced with complex regulations, dissimilar filing requirements, deadlines, exemptions, abatements, etc., that vary with each taxing jurisdiction. The engagement of a professional property tax consulting firm is often required to ensure that companies pay only the minimal tax amount and they meet all compliance requirements.

KBKG’s property tax consultants provide innovative and proven valuation and tax compliance consulting services to our clients. We understand the complex and multistate issues surrounding real estate and personal property tax valuation and administration. We specialize in providing a complete range of real and personal property tax assessment and management services across a broad range of industries and locations.

In addition to our property tax services, KBKG provides cost segregation and tax depreciation services to ensure our clients take full advantage of available accelerated depreciation deductions for federal income tax purposes.

Personal Property
· Consulting
· Compliance
· Audit Services
Real Estate
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· Compliance
· Tax Planning
Fixed Assets
· Cost Segregation
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KBKG helps ensure you …

· Don’t pay tax on overstated property values
· Leverage available exemptions and abatements
· File tax returns, protests and appeals accurately and timely
· Manage tax accruals and management reporting
· Know current tax administrative process is cost effective
· Maximize depreciation deductions
· Only pay your fair share of property taxes

What is the opportunity?

Overstated property values, misclassified assets, and the failure to fully leverage available exemptions, abatements, etc., result in substantial overpayment of property taxes. An analysis performed by a credentialed KBKG property tax consultant ensures that assets are fairly valued, properly classified and only the minimum tax amount is due. Tax assessors value your property based on the best information available. KBKG takes time to understand your business and the particulars of your specific property. This enables us to build defensible valuation assessments and ultimately achieve a lower tax liability.

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