Find Out if You Qualify for the R&D Tax Credit

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R&D Payroll Tax Credit Calculator

The R&D tax credit is now permanent and for the first time ever, small businesses and start-ups can take advantage of this lucrative tax credit. Estimate your tax savings using our quick, simple R&D Payroll Tax Credit Calculator, then contact us using the form above. One of our R&D experts will contact you right away to begin the process of securing the credit.

Who Qualifies?

If your gross receipts are less than $5 million for the taxable year and you did not have gross receipts in the 2016 tax year, you should seriously consider pursuing the R&D Payroll Tax Credit.

What Activities Qualify?

One of the common misconceptions surrounding the R&D tax credit is that participants must wear lab coats and use test tubes in order to qualify for the credit. This could not be further from the truth. In reality, the definition of R&D for tax credit purposes is fairly broad.

How Much Can You Save?

Every year, billions of dollars are given to qualified businesses. It’s time for your small business or start-up to take advantage. Qualified small businesses and start-ups can offset their payroll tax by up to $250,000.

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